Plug Your Money Leaks in 2015!

by carlak on January 8, 2015

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The holidays have come and gone. Now is the time that you begin to review your spending and see what areas your persistent “money leaks” occurred. Some leaks are easy to find – higher electric bill, credit card interest rate rising, etc. – but others slip by because you think you’re catching a great deal. LearnVest decided to gift readers with a great action plan to help save money this year with tips on how to plug some of the biggest money leaks!

Money Leak #1: Gratuitous Digital Subscriptions

Free shipping memberships, dating sites, e-books, music services, gaming sites, online newspaper subscriptions and the list goes on. Are they all really worth it?

Money Leak #2: Unlimited Memberships

How many times to you actually use that membership?

Money Leak #3: Free Trial Offers

Do you remember to cancel before the offer ends?

Money Leak #4: Deals With a Shelf Life

Did you use that awesome deal from Groupon or Living Social before it expired?

Money Leak #5: Shipping Fees

Do you add more to your cart to receive the free shipping offer?

Ready to plug your money leaks? Click here to learn more about each money leak and how to plug it for good!

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