Account and Loan Product Numbering on XP2

By now most of you are used to having your account products numbered in order, based on when the account product was opened. Now that we have converted over to XP2, products are numerically identified a little different. Read below for an explanation of product numbering. This does not affect your checking account numbers or your member numbers.

The number at the left is the starting number for the first product of that type. Additional products of the same type should have the next number in that range.

1 CHECKING [Regular Checking(RC); MyFi (Student) Checking(SC)] 5 Checking [Zero Dividend Checking; Checkless Checking] (ZC)
8 Insurance Checking (IC)
10 SAVINGS [Reg. Shares(RS); MyFi Savings (KS) (TS); Zero Dividend(ZS)
20 Christmas Clubs (CC, CT, CR)
23 Super Sixty (SS)
25 Money Market (MM)
29 Custodian Account (CA)
34 Vacation Club
37 IRA Share Accounts [Traditional IRA(IS); ROTH (XS); Coverdell(ES)] 41 Certificates -regular share certificates (B1, C1, C2, C3, C4, C6, CJ)
53 IRA Certificates [Traditional IRA(I2,I4, …); ROTH (X2, X4…)]

121 Unsecured (Signature Loans, Club loan, Debt Consolidation…)
130 Other (Share Secured)
140 VISA Credit Card (LC)
141 Line of Credit, no plastic card (LN)
142 VISA Debit Overdraft Line of Credit (OD)
150 Vehicle Loans (New and Used), Vehicle Loans to purchase an MCU Repo.
160 Land Loans, First Mortgages
170 Equity Lines

Your member number will stay the same. Your checking account number will stay the same. And your card numbers will also remain the same.