Utility Costs and Potential Savings – What you can do to save money!

With the fall and winter months once again quickly approaching, let’s discuss ways you can reduce utility costs and increase your savings. Utility costs usually are a significant impact on your budget and can rarely [...]

Account Alerts on MCU@Home

Did you know you can set up alerts about your account on MCU@Home? Account Alerts notify you with real-time alerts when certain conditions are met. You can set up the account or transaction activity conditions [...]

Budgeting for Periodical and Unexpected Expenses

Trying to spend within your means every month is hard enough even before having a significant expense once or twice a year. Those tax bills,  insurance bills, and unexpected expenses can throw a wrench in [...]

Members CU’s High Point Branch has Moved

Members CU in High Point has moved to a new location and will resume regular business hours (M-F, 8 AM to 5 PM). New office is located at: 1701 Westchester Drive – Suite 510 High [...]

Ashley’s Mortgage Minutes

Hello Credit Union Members! Interest Rates are nearing a historic low, which means it’s a great time to think about purchasing a new home or refinancing your current loan. If you’re ready to upgrade to [...]

Protecting your Debit and ATM Cards from Skimming

Around the Memorial Day weekend, 18 Members CU members had their Debit Card and ATM Card information stolen through skimming devices that were installed on 3 ATMs not owned by Members CU. These ATMs were [...]

Update on Debit & ATM Card Fraud

On Friday we posted a notice about increased ATM and debit card fraudulent activity in Lincoln County and surrounding area. We have confirmed that there were skimmers placed at three ATMs in Conover, Lincolnton, and [...]

VISA Debit and ATM Card Alert

It has come to our attention that there has been an increase in ATM and debit card fraud in the Lincoln County area. Therefore we want to remind our members to be alert when using [...]

Website Maintenance: Expect Downtime on June 8th.

Website maintenance is scheduled for 9 AM EST on Wednesday, June 8th. This means that, MCU’s informational website (desktop and mobile website) will be down and not accessible starting at 9 AM. We expect [...]

Ashley’s Mortgage Minutes

Hello Credit Union Members! At Fairway, we understand that purchasing a home is generally one of the most important financial decisions you will make in your lifetime. It is essential to evaluate your options, and [...]