Members CU Introduces – A Prescription Discount Card That Saves You Money

Using the WellCard Prescription Discount Card is an easy and convenient way to save money on all your prescription drugs. This one card will cover your entire family at no cost to you. Take your prescription and your WellCard Prescription Discount Card to any one of the 59,000 participating nationwide pharmacies to save up to 65% on the cost of your medications. Over 60,000 drugs are covered by the card, which means you will receive great savings on nearly every brand name and generic drug available.

  • There is no charge for the WellCard Prescription Discount Card!
  • There are no limits on the number of prescriptions you can fill with your WellCard Prescription Discount Card!
  • There is no expiration date on your WellCard Prescription Discount Card.
  • The WellCard does not replace your insurance and you can not use the WellCard with your insurance prescription plan. Use the WellCard as the alternative to your plan if the discount with the WellCard is cheaper than the price of the prescription under your current insurance plan.

Discounts are given at the time of purchase, so there is no paperwork. It is simple and easy to use. Start saving money today on all your prescription needs with your WellCard Prescription Discount Card. Please visit to find a participating pharmacy near you. You can also enroll in our convenient mail order program by calling 888-886-5822. Standard shipping on your mail order prescription is free.

Need a WellCard? Visit and click on the “Get a Card” tab. Follow directions and enter information to print out a card at home. Your group ID is MEMCU.