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by carlak on October 24, 2014

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Members CU Offers Loan Extension Program in November and December

November and December can be two of the most financially stressful months of the year. Holiday travel, purchasing gifts, mailing cards, and planning parties for Thanksgiving and Christmas can easily break your budget at the end of the year. To reduce your financial stress, Members CU is offering the Holiday Skip-a-Pay program. This program allows members to extend either their November or December due date on most MCU, non-mortgage related loans, without any fees or penalties by one month.

Members with multiple loans can choose to skip all of their non-mortgage related loans in one month, or they may decide to skip some loans in November and the remainder in December. Please note that each loan may be skipped only once and can only be skipped in November or December. Loans must be current in order to qualify for MCU Holiday-Skip-a-Pay.

Members who wish to take advantage of this program may do so by complying with one of the following:

  1. Fill out the Holiday Skip-a-Pay request form and fax it to 336.748.4827. You may also deliver the form in person to a Members CU Loan Officer.
  2. Send a secure message, requesting to skip a payment, using MCU@Home with your name, member number, the loan number and the month you wish to skip.
  3. Email a request to with your name, the loan number(s), your home address, and the month you want to skip your payment(s).


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