Ask Jack

Cards, Cars, and Laundry Detergent

A trip through the grocery store checkout lane can sometimes feel like a game of Twenty Questions. Paper or plastic? Debit or Credit? PIN or pen? Even more frustrating, while you are trying to decide [...]

Why I Love the Christmas Club

Every year about this time, there is a distinct buzz around Members Credit Union. As the leaves in this part of North Carolina start turning beautiful hues of yellow, red, brown and orange, a palpable [...]

Nothing Scary About MCU

Although Halloween is just around the corner, many of you have been spooked recently by something quite different than ghouls and goblins. By now, you have likely heard about the global home mortgage “crisis”. Rising [...]

High Tech Traditional

It seems I just can’t escape work. MCU@Home sent an email alert to my mobile phone today that my payroll check had been deposited in my account. Pretty neat, eh? On vacation last month, I [...]

The Key is in the Rate

Driving home a new or pre-owned automobile can feel great! That new car scent – hmmmm. That overwhelming feeling of freedom – ahhhh. That pump-up-the-volume-because-I’m-going-to-sing-along-with-every-song-that-comes-on-the-radio-whether-I-know-the-words-or-not sensation – YEE HAW! Without doubt, a positive vehicle purchase [...]

Credit Union Identity Crisis

Credit unions are going through an identity crisis. No, our employees aren’t blowing their retirement savings on hairpieces, plastic surgery, and fancy sports cars. This crisis has more to do with us maturing as a [...]