Ask Jack

Jack Braswell to Retire from Members CU in September

Winston-Salem, NC, March 15, 2016 – Members Credit Union (MCU) announced today that Jack V. Braswell, Jr., President and CEO, will retire in September after more than 37 years at the credit union. Braswell began [...]

Safety Tips for Shopping Online

Enjoy the convenience of online shopping and protect your identity. You can buy almost anything online. It’s amazing how easy it is to shop without leaving the comfort of home. While online shopping grows in [...]

What Will You Do With Your Tax Refund?

Last year, the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration reported that the average tax payer received $2,696 in refunds from Uncle Sam. While it seems exciting to receive such a large windfall, many tend to [...]

Plug Your Money Leaks in 2015!

The holidays have come and gone. Now is the time that you begin to review your spending and see what areas your persistent “money leaks” occurred. Some leaks are easy to find – higher electric [...]

Holiday Spending

Last week was packed full of retail holiday sales designed to motivate you to spend. Thanks to 24/7 internet access and email notifications, there were constant reminders about Black Friday, Cyber Money, and Tech Tuesday. Now more [...]

College Students Need A Personal Finance Education Too

Did your children receive a personal finance education while in high school? If not, that means the only skills they have to manage their own money are the ones you’ve taught them. According to the [...]

Checking Your Credit Report

The following is a question from an anonymous member.  If you have a financial question please email Q: When I get a free credit report will my credit be penalized? As long as you [...]

Planning for College Expenses

Watching your son or daughter graduate from college is a proud moment. There is a lot of hard academic work and good financial planning that lead up to that occasion. It’s been a few years [...]

The Retirement Account You Should Invest in Today

Thinking about retirement can be daunting to anyone- thinking about what you’ll need, how to save, where to save, and how to invest those savings.  Fortunately, there is a smart, simple way to get your [...]

The State of the Free Checking Account

Recently there has been a great deal written about the end of the free checking account for consumers. Websites, magazines and newspapers have all but buried the free checking account. Luckily, to paraphrase Mark Twain, [...]