Account Alerts on MCU@Home

by carlak on August 17, 2016

in Financial Advice, News

Did you know you can set up alerts about your account on MCU@Home? Account Alerts notify you with real-time alerts when certain conditions are met. You can set up the account or transaction activity conditions and identify when you want the system to “tell you” the condition exists by sending you an email, text message, or secured message on MCU@Home.

Notification examples are account balance thresholds, transaction conditions, and check status. Also, the system can be set up to send you a date-driven reminder for whatever reasons you want (e.g., birthday, taxes due, stop the mail, etc.).

To access the Account Alerts, log on to MCU@Home and click on the Accounts tab. Scroll down to “Account Alerts.”

Click here to go to MCU@Home

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